Dalida Kozlic

Welcome to the website of Dalida Kozlic and her shelter Usko's Nest 

Dalida and her beloved Usko

Main goal of this website is to raise awareness of the work of Dalida Kozlic, animal rights activist and rescuer, and the suffering of Bosnian stray animals.

And to find forever homes for the animals rescued at the shelter. But as not all the animals can be adopted because of age or chronic conditions, it is necessary to find them sponsors in order to provide care and a more structural income and in that way keep the shelter running. 

Animals cannot speak for themselves, we have to do that for them.

Dalida about Usko's Nest and her work

I am a rescuer, an activist and a lawyer. My protection of animals activities are focused on two main things:1. Rescuing - I have been saving animals literally since I was a child. My dad was rescuing dogs from hunters and during the war. I am a child of a rescuer.2. Legal protection of animals - As a lawyer I gather evidence against corrupted authorities that establish illegal killing pounds and kill stray animals here. I am the one who has filled number of criminal reports against our politicians for atrocities in public shelter such as Praca.As a Bosnian animal welfare attorney and a rescuer, I try to link both compassion and expertise.I do my best to bring justice to corrupt government officials responsible for the widespread neglect at municipal dog pounds as well as to lobby for full implementation of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals.I also take care of many sick and orphaned dogs and cats.In 2018 I started establishing a rescue center of my own.First of all I must clarify something regarding legal status of shelters here in Bosnia.Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals of Bosnia and Herzegovina is related with many of its bylaws including Ordinance on establishing and conditions that shelters for stray animals must fulfill and Ordinance on conditions that have to be provided for owned dogs.

I choose to work in accordance to Ordinance related to owned dogs which means that my shelter is actually rescue facility for dogs for which I am fully legally responsible.Basiclly when I save a stray dog, I fulfill my legal obligation and take an ownership for that dog unitl he/she is adopted.Dogs at shelters that are registered as such do not have owners.This all means more responsibility for me but it is more flexible way of saving dogs. We are regulary controlled by veterinary inspection and I must emphasise that we are the only facility for dogs that fully fulfills legal standards and conditions for keeping dogs.My rescue center is on the site of an older property which is still being rennovated for the dogs. The finished site includes a secure building for the dogs to sleep at night and stay safe during bad weather and a big yard for them to play in. Our aim is to finish ambulance soon.My center needs support and it is a wonderful project.🐕3000 m2 of land for dogs🐕410 m2, 2 floors object for kennels - the second floor needs to be prepared during this year so I can move more dogs🐕house for ambulance and quarantine - we need to raise funds for basic vet equipment and medications🐕placed in nature with own spring and woodsNot many rescued dogs have such heavean in my country, we provide them place in nature🏡 shelter in forest, with green playing ground and stream🔝no concrete small kennels, no wires, no restrictions⚽️ playing ground, fresh air and a lot of spaceWe take care of 120 dogs and 10 cats at the moment. Most of rescued dogs are placed at my new shelter and some of them are at my parent's home.All dogs have been saved from streets, abusers, public illegal killing pounds, torture, etc.My mum and I take care of all animals alone with help of a worker.

Dalida Kozlic 2022

Be very welcome to discover more about animal rescue work in Bosnia! 

The link to the private Facebook-group, In English and Dutch. 💙

The link to the public Facebook-group, in English and Dutch. 💙

The link to a lot of background-information, in English. 💙

I am honoured that my rescue and legal work is recognised by Stichting Dierenhulp, which is a very dedicated and wonderful organisation that helps thousands of animals all around the world. 

Dalida Kozlic