Dalida Kozlic

Welcome to the website of Dalida Kozlic and her shelter  Usko’s Nest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dalida and Usko

Main goal of this website is to raise awareness of the suffering of Bosnian stray animals and the work of Dalida Kozlic, animal rights activist and rescuer.

Animals at Usko’s Nest have experienced severe abuse, torture, neglect, injuries and are therefore traumatised. At Usko’s Nest they have found a safe heaven where they can recover from physical and mental injuries and trauma’s in their own time. 

So the second goal is to find supporters who want to virtual adopt one or more rescued animals. With this regular monthly amount Dalida will be able to provide the best care for the animals at her shelter and to keep the place running.

If you want to help by virtual adoption go to the page Available for virtual adoption

You can read more about Dalida and her work on the page Dalida Kozlic

You can read more about the shelter on the page Usko's Nest Dog Shelter

Animals cannot speak for themselves, we have to do that for them.

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