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There is always a focus on what can be improved and what is still needed.
That is of course fine and necessary, but I also want to turn it around because I think that gratitude and an eye for what is already going well is a very powerful tool!


Yes, it is true. More money, support and promotion is always needed to help Dalida and the shelter.

That makes sense, if you are responsible for so many rescued animals for which no one else takes responsibility.

In fact, there is a daily fight against corruption in Bosnia as we do not know it here in the Netherlands, and that makes it all even more difficult. 

But things are also going well. And that's what this page is for!
To show what has already been achieved and what is already solid.

Which foundations have already been built, by Dalida and her parents but also by all loyal sponsors, supporters and adopters. 


So, this is for anyone who ever reads, likes, shares, promotes, donates, from 1 euro to really large amounts (!)

Or for anyone who decides not to buy a dog but to adopt because there are already so many of those  who are looking for a forever home too. They are really waiting for it! 

And because you don't want to contribute to the wrong trade in dogs.

This is also a message for anyone who feels even slightly involved in the fate of stray animals in Bosnia and the work and shelter of Dalida Kozlic.

You are appreciated, seen and loved for your actions, no matter how small or big.

Thank you so much! 💖



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