Angels of the Rainbow Bridge

In loving memory of all the animals that have lived for a short period, a much longer period or a lifetime at Usko's Nest Dog Shelter 


Dalida: "Usko was my little golden boy, he was like a teddy bear and his story and our bond made me to name my shelter in his memory."

Usko died very sudden and unexpected in 2018


March 13, 2024 - sweet oldie Ricky died of old age. He was such a dear boy, afraid of rain and thunder. He was about 12 years old when he died. 

Tiger (or Sivko)

February 26, 2024 - dear oldie Tiger died of old age. He was saved as a kitten, wandering on the streets and was such a sweet boy.


October 17, 2023 - Aideen suffered from lymphoma, one of the worst cancer types. Being such a young dog and wanted to live, he fought a tough battle against this awful disease. And vets did all they could to help him. But unfortunately Aideen lost the battle. 


October 8, 2023 - Sweet oldie Bijelko died of old age. He was such a wonderful dog and a lovely teddy bear. 


September 23, 2023 - Dear Zuta died of old age at the shelter. She was a lovely girl. 

August 30, 2023 - This pigeon was badly wounded after an attack from a cat of the streets. Vets tried to save him, but unfortunately the pigeon died. 


August 27, 2023 


August 20, 2023 - This sweet cat was found by Dalida, probably hit by a car and died in her arms while carrying   the cat to her house. 


June 23, 2023 


April 15, 2023 - Oldie Medi died of old age at the shelter surrounded by love. He was such a sweet grumpy old boy 


March 2, 2023 - In 2010 Pronti was looking for a place to give birth to her puppies when she was chased by a local boy who threw stones at her. At Dalida’s place Pronti delivered five puppies, two of them were adopted. Zule, Cupa and Bost are still at the shelter. Pronti died of old age at the house of Dalida and Meliha. 

Pronti on the right with her kids, Zule, Cupa and Bost. 


February 10, 2023 - In 2014 Brother and sister, Astor and Anda were found as small babies, wandering in the streets, completely invaded by dog fleas. Astor suffered also from demodex (skin disease) and he had eye problems.
Unfortunately Anda died much too soon in 2019 of heart failure, only 5 years old. And now Astor died, he passed away peacefully in his sleep.


Januari 25, 2023 - Boston was found as a little pup and grew up to this beautiful big lovely dog. He was almost 14 years of age when he died. 


November 8, 2022 - Mickey died, vets found a small tumour deeply inside his jaw, that probably caused an infection that had spread all over sinuses and brain. 


September 21, 2022 - Troy died totally unexpectedly.

February 2022, Troy was found by a friend of Dalida, abandoned and hit by a car. He couldn't walk proper and he needed a hip fixation and an artificial knee so he could have a normal life. He went to the clinic of Belgrade for the operation of his knee. It all went very well for Troy. He got therapy to learn to walk again. 


All that could have been done for her was done. She was so close to healing but didn't make it in the end. Dear Beka died August 22, 2022


Old boy Azur was found on August 2, 2022,  with a huge external tumour, in a very bad and poor condition. The vets did everything they could to find out what kind of tumour it was and how to help him. But unfortunately Azur died a few days later on August 6. The comfort was that he didn't die alone in the streets in agony and pain, but that he was not alone and surrounded by love and care. 


July 16, 2022 - Lilly died of tetanus infection by unprofessional conduct of a vet who operated Lilly's broken leg and placed a pin in her leg. (NOTE: this wasn't one of Dalida's own vets!) He placed the pin wrongly and neglected a wound on Lilly's foot. Lilly became very ill and despite all the medication her body couldn't win the battle with the infection. 


July 12, 2022 - He was only a few days in Dalida's care, this lovely baby boy named Sonny died. He had been hit badly by a car, he didn't had freshly broken bones, which was a miracle, but he had an old fracture of the leg, which hadn’t heal properly. The worst thing was that his abdominal wall was ruptured. Sonny was going to be operated the morning of July 12. Another vet was going to operate, because he is a specialist in abdominal surgery. But the injury was too big for the little body to handle.


Lovely and beautiful oldie Burence was saved in 2014 together with his brother Bijelko from an abusive neighbour who wanted to kill them. 

He passed away very sudden, probably because of the heat as the weather was extremely hot June 22, 2022, he was about 12 years old.


Cute English bulldog Medo was saved together with his siter Masa in 2016, from an owner who had been abusing them for years. They both were sick. skin and bones. Unfortunately Masa suffered from many health issues over the years, that were consequences of abuse and she died March 31, 2021. Medo lived in the house with Meliha. He was most characteristic and a very active English bulldog, full of energy and enjoying his life. He was such a sweetheart. 

He passed away very sudden, no sign of any illness. June 21, 2022


June 8, 2022 Despite the best efforts of the vets, the little dormouse, that was found a week ago, didn't make it and crossed the rainbow bridge.

Little puppy boy

This little boy was hit by a car, May 27, 2022, the people that found him, took him to a vet. He examined the pup but wasn’t competent enough to treat him. So a friend of Dalida’s was called and together with Dalida they went there to get the little pup and they took it to Dalida’s vets and they were happy to fight for this baby’s life. But unfortunately the internal injuries were too awful, his spleen was ruptured and the poor little boy died the morning of June 1, 2022


Beautiful Monnie died very unexpectedly of a heart attack, May 18, 2022 She lived with her sister Bonnie at the shelter, Usko's Nest. Monnie was 8 years old.


Many years ago Sandy and her babies were saved from an illegal public killing pound, she never recovered from trauma's. Her babies are still at Usko's Nest and also traumatised. Sandy died of a stroke May 5, 2022

Being together with their mum all their life, Sandy's children, Timmy, Tommy and Tea have to adjust to the new situation and the empty space their mother left.

Tony Bear

Sometimes an attempt of rescuing comes too late like in the case of the beautiful Tony Bear. He had a huge wound and an injury of his leg, couldn't walk normally  and was extremely skinny. As his wound didn't heal fully and properly the vets suspected that Tony Bear had bone cancer and that could only be established and confirmed at the clinic in Belgrade. Tony Bear had an appointment for the next day, everything was prepared and so he was only one day away from getting a diagnosis and help in Belgrade. Unfortunately he died the evening before.

February 13, 2022


Lovely Sivka passed away very sudden, she didn't show any signs of an illness or being unwell. She was only 10 years old.

February 7, 2022


Glavonja had lived in Gladno Polje public shelter for about five years before Dalida adopted him in April 2015. He was in a dark concrete cage all these years and due to that torture he had chronic joint problems. In Sepetmber 2019 Glavonja was injured on his neck and the wound looked like a wound from a low caliber riffle or an air gun. He had been treated succesfully. It was probably a hunters revenge against Dalida who has been fighting against these hunters for years. In time his joints were getting worse due to his age and he had a slower function of his kidneys. 

Glavonja passed away January 21, 2022 age about 15 years


Cute Bella was saved when she was starved and neglected on the streets. She was such a sweetheart.

January 20, 2022 she sadly passed away


Oldie Rotty crossed the rainbow bridge. She was the oldest rescue, and she was 15 years old. At the time when she was saved, Rotty was one of the most horrific rescue cases because of terrible condition and terrible neglect that had happened to her. We managed to help her recover.

Rotty died peacefully in her sleep December 24, 2021


Medo was saved in 2015. He had been hit by a car and left to die near the coal mine in Breza, where he was lying for days before he was found. His back legs were completely reversed but not broken. As he was of age the last period of his life, Medo had problems with his bladder, legs and tumours. 

Dalida had to let him go on November 8, 2021


Zeko had gone through a lot. He was saved by Dalida after he had been attacked by other dogs in 2014. Before that a local person threw boiling water on Zeko. He never fully recovered from his traumas but he was happy and safe at the shelter where he lived for 7 years and was about 14 years old when he died.

Zeko died on May 23, 2021 


Mex was saved around 2010 as a puppy. He was a funny and outgoing boy. He was well, no signs that something was wrong with him but suddenly died during the night of April 21, 2021


Lovely English bulldog Masa was saved together with her brother Medo in 2016, from an owner who had been abusing them for years. They both were sick. skin and bones. Unfortunately Masa suffered from many health issues over the years, that were consequences of abuse. 

Unfortunately Masa died of heart failure, March 31, 2021


Dalida and her parents found Amo on 1st January 2009. They were coming back from visit to their grandfathers. It was night. They heard cry from the snow. It was Amo. She was lying near the main street in Breza. She couldn't move. One neigbour was walking and he told that Amo had been hit by bus 2 days ago. No one helped, children threw firecrackers on her. Amo was lying in the snow for 2 days. She was hurt, hungry, frozen, and terrified. Dalida and her parents took her home and then realised how bad her injuries were. Amo had an open wound on her stomach. It was one of the most horrible injuries ever seen. She couldn't walk. Her bones weren't broken, but bones of her legs were moved from joints.

The wound on Amo's stomach healed after 3 months. She was paralyzed for 6 months. Veterinarian thought that Amo would never be able to walk. After 6 months Amo started to walk and became a healthy and happy dog.

Amo died, at the age of 12, October 15, 2020


Debela used to live on the streets. Everyone hit her and chased her because she was so big. She had many puppies but they died. In 2017 Dalida finally managed to catch her after trying that for months. When Debela arrived at the shelter she was confused and wanted to be alone. After hard work by Dalida and her parents, Debela gained her trust and showed her love. She became the boss at the shelter. In October 2020 Debela felt unwell and got medications. Unfortunately Debela died a few days later, October 11, 2020 She was between 10 and 11 years old.


Medena felt unwell for some days and Dalida, her parents and the vets were working so hard to help her recover but she didn't make it. She was about eleven years old. She was saved from dog catchers by Dalida in Sarajevo and she spent five years with them. 

Medena died April 13, 2020


In 2014 Anda and her brother Astor were found as small babies, completely invaded by dog fleas. 

Unfortunately Anda died in 2019 of heart failure, only 5 years old.

Her brother Astor died peacefully in his sleep, February 10, 2023 .


March 22, 2018 - although vets have been fighting for two weeks, poor Pujdo couldn’t be saved and he crossed the rainbow bridge 


October 27, 2016 - Garo crossed the rainbow bridge

Angels of the Rainbow Bridge 

In loving memory of all the animals that have lived for a short period, a much longer period or a lifetime at Usko’s Nest Dog Shelter