Noel, one of the worst rescue cases

Picture left May 2022 - picture above winter 2023/24

When Noel was found, December 2021, he was only a bag of bones, lying on the street, ready to die. 

The story of Noel 

Noel was saved from the streets in December 2021, just before Christmas. He has been at the vet clinic until Februari 2022. Dalida about Noel: "This is definitely one of the worst cases of suffering that I have ever seen. The dog was skin and bones. He suffered from demodicosis - demodex, his skin was badly inflamed, there were open wounds all over his body, he was dehydrated and starved, his eyes were inflamed."

Noel got many treatments and medications and it took him a long time to recover. He had to stay at the clinic for weeks. 

See for more pictures of his recovery at the bottom of this page

After his body recovered Noel had another challenge: to overcome his mental trauma's. But he was doing that so well, just step by step. At one point Dalida and Meliha were allowed to touch Noel and be more close to him.

Look at Noel now, from a starving, frightening bundle of sadness and despair he is enjoying his life at Usko’s Nest. Noel always will be in need for extra care and supervision of vet’s, special food and medications. But look at what can be achieved by saving a life!

Noel makes so many friends at the shelter

Noel’s road to recovery

Winter 2023/24 - Two years after Noel was found, he still makes progress every day!