Dalida Kozlic - Animal Rights Activist and Rescuer

Dalida was born and raised in a family of animal rescuers. Her dad was rescuing animals from hunters and during the war. Dalida was brought up always surrounded by rescued animals. 

Because of all the suffering to animals she had seen in her young life, she became the youngest advocate for legislation of an Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals. And later she became a lawyer, while the Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals was enacted.

Dalida about her work

I am a rescuer, an activist and a lawyer. My protection of animals activities are focused on two main things:

- 1 - Legal protection of animals 

- 2 - Rescuing 

As a lawyer I gather evidence against corrupted authorities that establish illegal killing pounds and kill stray animals here. I am the one who has filed number of criminal reports against our politicians for atrocities in public shelter such as Praca.

I do my best to bring justice to corrupt government officials responsible for the widespread neglect at municipal dog pounds as well as to lobby for full implementation of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals.

As a Bosnian animal welfare attorney and a rescuer, I try to link both compassion and expertise. I take care of many sick and orphaned dogs and cats and in 2018 I started establishing a rescue center of my own.

First of all I must clarify something regarding legal status of shelters here in Bosnia. The Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals of Bosnia and Herzegovina is related with many of its bylaws including Ordinance on establishing and conditions that shelters for stray animals must fulfil and Ordinance on conditions that have to be provided for owned dogs.

I choose to work in accordance to Ordinance related to owned dogs which means that my shelter is actually rescue facility for dogs for which I am fully legally responsible. Basically when I save a stray dog, I fulfil my legal obligation and take an ownership for that dog until he/she is adopted. Dogs at shelters that are registered as such do not have owners.

This all means more responsibility for me but it is more flexible way of saving dogs. We are regulary controlled by veterinary inspection and I must emphasise that we are the only facility for dogs that fully fulfils legal standards and conditions for keeping dogs.

The shelter - read more on the page Usko's Nest Dog Shelter

In 2018 I started establishing a rescue center of my own. We now take care of 130 dogs and 10 cats. All animals at the shelter have been saved from streets, abusers, public killing pounds and torture. Animals were found on the streets left to die after being hit by a car and orphans have been rescued from the middle of nowhere. All these animals have experienced severe abuse, torture, injuries and are traumatised. They now have found their safe place at my shelter.

Unfortunately my dad died in Februari 2021 His health couldn’t cope with the stress and pressure anymore. He died, protecting animals and fighting for their safety. 

Now my mum and I take care of all animals alone with the help of a worker. 

Dalida Kozlic 

Read more about the shelter on the page Usko's Nest Dog Shelter