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Dalida Kozlic speaking about adoption:


In order to be adopted abroad, all dogs have to be vaccinated against rabies, micro chipped and get a passport. These procedures are a legal obligation and they are all done by veterinarians in Bosnia. Foreign supporters or organisations post about dogs that are available for adoptions in order to find suitable homes. 

Three things are important

1. Home check - all potential adopters are checked by members of organisations that organise adoptions

2. Home back up and an adoption contract

3. A reliable transport

Thinking of adopting a Bosnian stray dog?

Here is the top 10 reasons why you should adopt one

1) You will save a life. Sadly, Bosnian strays do not have the backing of large charities, and depend on small rescue groups. So, you will be the sole chance for your dog.

2) By adopting a Bosnian stray, you will save two lives, as the rescuers can pull out another dog from a death camp, or from the streets to fill your dog's space.

3) You won't support puppy mills and breeders.

4) Sadly, there are thousands of strays in Bosnia, this means that you will be able to find a dog to suit your family (ie, size, age, breed)

5) You will help prevent the vicious dog business/war against the Bosnian government (they claim 250 euros for capturing and killing a dog despite excellent animal welfare legislation. They break their own laws.)

6) Despite that very same strict and good animal welfare legislation Bosnian public pounds are far from high standards, and dogs are crammed in kennels and starved to death.

7) Having gone through such a hard life and ill treatment, the gratefulness of being fed, loved and having a roof over their head, reflects on their character. They are always grateful, and every time you look them in the eye, you will experience thankfulness for saving them.

8)They come fully vaccinated, health checked and with a passport.

9) Your dog will raise awareness to the corruption and ill treatment of dogs in Bosnia, which can lead to members of your family or friends supporting or adopting the strays.

10) Bosnian public pound dogs are not humanely euthanised, but are often killed by beating them to death, or simply starving them. You will feel better knowing that you have saved your dog from the hands of barbarians.


Please get in touch with us if you wish to to save the life of a stray animal.

If you are unable to adopt, then please consider sponsoring a dog.

If you are considering adoption of a dog, or if you have some questions, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

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 Dogs waiting for a sponsor or a forever home

Donny is a young boy that is looking for a

forever home. He was saved after he had

been hit by car. 💙

Mandy has gone through a lot.

When I saved her, her front leg

was completely torn because it had

been caught in an animal trap. After the

operation she had complications but

she has managed to recover. 💙

Niho is a young and strong rescue. 

We found him on the streets when he

was only 6 monhs old. He was

exhausted and starved. 💙

Bella - I also saved her after she had

been hit by a car. She had extremely

difficult operation but vets managed

to save her leg. 💙

This is Bastian!  I saved her after she

had been hit by a car. Her hind leg was

completely torn apart. Also, she had

complications after the operation.

She has recovered and she is happy

and very playful now. 💙


Bastian is availible for adoption. 💚


Archie was found with his siblings in the middle

of nowhere when he was less than a month old.

They all have grown up to be healthy dogs. 💙

Cherry was saved from a hole where she lived

while she was sick. She had operations on both

her eyes, and she has fully recovered. 💙

Kaslja was saved from an illegal public pound

where she had almost been killed.

Due to neglect and starvation that she suffered

in the pound, she has had many chronic

health issues. 💙

She is reserved to be adopted in the Netherlands.  💛💛

Olivia - she was saved this year.

She was extremely skinny and starved

but she has recovered.

Due to gastrointestinal problems

she still occasionally gets vet care.💙

Smiley is one of our young rescues.

She is very friendly girl and enjoys

playing with other dogs and people. 💙

Luka was saved when he was a puppy.

He is also one of the bosses at the shelter

but he is a playful and outgoing boy. 💙

This is Maki !  He was also saved from the

middle of nowhere and he grew up with us.

He is good with other dogs and very playful. 💙

Pirga- She is a  very active and outgoing girl. 

She has also grown up with us. 💙

Ara is our golden, cuddly girl. She is very friendly

and outgoing. Ara is one of our young rescues

and she has grown up with us.  💙


Ara is reserved to be adopted

in the Netherlands. 💛💛

Vule is one of our younger rescues that has

grown up with us. He is a lovely and cuddly

boy that enjoys playing with his friends. 💙 

Zilo was a completely starved and neglected puppy

when I found him in the streets. It took months

for him to recover. He is a healthy

and playful boy now. 💙 

Cura has also grown up with us.

She is a big girl and very cuddly and friendly. 💙

The link to background- information in English. 💙