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Sivka at her favourite spot, in charge of the whole shelter

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 And help Dalida`s animals to stay save? 

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Stichting Save a stray.

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Western Union and MoneyGram which are the fastest ways to donate:

Dalida Kozlic

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Or join the Teaming group and sponsor Dalida and her shelter for only 1 euro a month! 




 Thank you so much! 

💚 How can you help? 💚

1) Become a monthly sponsor of one of the animals of Usko's Nest. You can become a sponsor for any amount you feel comfortable within your own budget. With your monthly donation you secure the care for your dog or cat at Usko’s Nest Dog Shelter and keep the shelter running.

2) Become a food sponsor. For 5 euro per week or any other amount you feel comfortable with, you can become a weekly food sponsor as every day 70kg of food is needed!

3) Go to the public Facebookgroup of the shelter Usko's Nest Dog Shelter and like it. You can also share posts on Facebook for a better range of more people.

4) Go to the private facebookgroup of Dalida and sign in to become part of it and join the movement.

6) Join the Teaming group and sponsor Dalida and her shelter for only 1 euro a month

7) Last but not least; there is so much that one can do to help. Be creative, sell things, organise a raffle and help to make this world a better place for both animals and  humans.


Thank you so much!





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