Rescue stories

How wounded animals overcome their injuries and trauma's

August 2023 - The rescue story of Ruby 

Ruby was found by a young couple and taken to the vets. Her injuries were horrific as well external as internal and according to the vets they were all caused by a person (Ruby was raped…!) Her tail was so damaged, also inflicted by a person, that there was fear of amputating her tail. But the vets did an amazing job and the tail could be saved. 

Ruby her wounds are healed now, but the healing process from her traumas and psychological injuries is still ongoing.

March 2022 - The rescue story of Fluf 

A year later, April 2023, a tumour was found near to the hip of Fluf the vets removed this tumour and Fluf was saved for the second time in his life.

This dog was wandering on the streets, with a huge swelling around his neck, caused by a blood clot. More than one procedure was needed to drain all the blood and pus. The vets did a wonderful job to save his life.

He got the name of Fluf, because of his ‘fluffy’ fur.

February 2022 - The rescue story of Dante 

Fortunately for Dante, his story ended well as now Dante lives in Switzerland 

Young pup Dante was found by Dalida Februari 26, 2022 Someone had put a wire around his neck and he was almost suffocating.

Not only had the wire damaged the skin but also the tissue underneath and an operation was necessary. The wounds were cleaned and stitched and Dante stayed at the vets for some time to make sure the wound healed properly.

For this young dog everything that had happened had been a traumatic experience and he needed time to recover; he was so very shy and scary.

February 2022 - The rescue story of Troy

Troy was found by a friend of Dalida, abandoned and hit by a car. He couldn't walk proper and he needed a hip fixation and an artificial knee so he could have a normal life. He went to the clinic of Belgrade for the operation of his knee. It all went very well for Troy. He got therapy as he needed to  learn how to walk again. 


Unfortunately on September 21, 2022, Troy  died, totally unexpected and without any symptoms or illness, After an autopsie the vets concluded that he must have died from a stroke. 

January 2022 - This is the story of Ivy

Picture left Ivy at home with Dalida - Picture richt Ivy with her favorite vet at the clinic.

This lovely cat was brought to the clinic by a man who saw that another man was hitting her. Dayony from Stichting Save a Stray gave her the beautiful name, Ivy. Poor Ivy was in a very bad condition. Her pelvis and both legs were broken, she was full of urine and feces because she couldn’t pee or defecate due to pain, her abdomen was also injured. Ivy was successfully operated; in both of her legs pins were installed and injuries were operated. The most important thing is that she has gone through this. She stayed a long time at the clinic as her recovery was a long process. She had to learn to walk again and got therapies. 

December 2021 - This is the story of Noel

Picture upper left Noel May 2022, upper right March 2022, below left Noel as he was found December 2021.

Noel was saved from the streets in December 2021, just before Christmas. He has been at the vet clinic until Februari 2022. Dalida about Noel: "This is definitely one of the worst cases of suffering that I have ever seen. The dog was skin and bones. He suffered from demodicosis - demodex, his skin was badly inflamed, there were open wounds all over his body, he was dehydrated and starved, his eyes were inflamed." Noel got many treatments and medications and it took him a long time to recover he had to stay at the clinic for weeks. After his body recovered Noel had another challenge: to overcome his mental trauma's. But he is doing that so well, just step by step. At one point Dalida and Meliha were allowed to touch Noel and be more close to him.

2017 - This is the story of Bella

Bella was saved in 2017 after her hind leg had been ripped off by a car. Her recovery took months but she has fully revcovered. Bella is now a happy and healthy dog. Months of therapies, medications, vet bills, sleepless nights have given results.


This was the awful wound Bella was found with.

2017 - This is the story of Debela 

Debela used to live on the street. Everyone hit her and chased her because she was big. She had many puppies but they died. Dalida had been trying to catch and save her for months and she finally rescued Debela in 2017. When she arrived at the shelter she was confused and wanted to be alone.

Dalida and her parents have worked so hard to gain her trust and show her love.

And they managed to do so and Debela felt so comfortable and became the boss of the shelter.

Debela loved to eat as shown on this picture. 

In October 2020 Debela felt unwell but vets couldn’t find what was wrong with her and in the night of October 11 she died in her sleep. Age about 10 or 11 years old.

2015 - This is the story of Tiko 

Tiko was found as a little puppy in 2015 and had so many health issues. Badly injured legs and a neurological disorder and then he also got demodex. Although he is disabled he is full of life and very playful boy.

Tiko had been hit by a car when he was found and he had two injured legs.

Then in the summer of 2015 Tiko started to shake and was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that gave him difficulties with his movements.

And finally he also got demodex in November that same year. And he still needs special food, but he is not fond of that, and medication. 

On these pictures you can see how Tiko suffering from the skin disease.

He is fine now as long as he gets his medication and supplements to keep up his immunity. 

2014 - Brothers Burence and Bijelko

Burence and his brother Bijelko were saved in 2014 from an abusive neighbour who wanted to kill them. Burence passed away very sudden on June 22, 2022,  probably because of the heat as the weather was extremely hot at that time. He was about 12 years old.

Bijelko died a year October 8, 2023 of old age. They were both wonderful and lovely dogs. 

2013 - This is the story of Andy 

 Andy was saved as a puppy in 2013. He suffered from such severe demodex that he lost his tail. It took months to help him recover. 

Some months after Andy was rescued he became sick again. His lymph nodes were bigger then normal, because of some inflammation in his organism. Inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli and to initiate the healing process. The vet said that the inflammation was a consequence of problems with immunity and demodex. 

Now, many years later Andy lives at the shelter and he is happy dog. However he always will be in need for extra vitamins, supplements and skin care in order to keep his skin healthy.


The story of Medi and Dalida starts in 2014 when this beautiful dog was about 8 years old. While he was a puppy, he had a rachitic rosary. Since his owner didn’t want to provide veterinary care for him, his front legs were deformed. Due to deformation of his front legs, it was difficult for Medi to walk normally. Also, his previous owner had abused Medi and abandoned him in 2012.

A girl who fed dogs in Ilijas, had been informed about Medi’s story and moved him from Vares to Ilijas. Medi had been living near her house for two years, and then she and Dalida concluded that the street was too dangerous for Medi as he was half blind and half deaf. And they took him to Dalida’s shelter. Medi was really slow also because of his legs, as they were really deformed. But he was such a lovely old grumpy teddybear.

Medi died of old age April 15, 2023


Barney was rescued when he was a less than a month old puppy, by Eldar. Barney was a lovely dog. 

Barney died June 22, 2024 of a stroke. He was then 11 years old. 

Rescue stories

How wounded animals overcome their injuries and trauma's