Usko's Nest Dog Shelter

This is Usko. Usko died very sudden in 2018, there were no signs of illness, and because Usko was so special, Dalida named her shelter after him...

The story of Usko told by Dalida.“All my rescues are special to me. All of them that have passed the rainbow bridge have a special place in my heart. Usko was my little golden boy, he was like a teddy bear and his story and our bond made me to name my shelter in his memory.I saved him after he had been abandoned by someone near my house. When I took him into the car he was shaking because he was so scared, terrified, starved and dehydrated. It took weeks to gain his trust, he didn’t want to be cuddled or play with other dogs but step by step he started trusting us and started being very playful.The reason because Usko was a soul of my shelter and special to other rescued dogs was his enormous energy and playing. Not only that he was outgoing and playful, Usko was like a therapy dog for other my rescues. He inspired them to run, to play, to be with other dogs, he motivated other scared rescues to be more free and to heal their traumas. He was moving them and gave them feeling of safety. Usko helped us to help so many other rescues. He showed them that they were save and they could play with us and other dogs.And then he left us... suddenly without warning. Usko had a huge heart for people, for dogs, for us. It was like he was aware of this charisma and character and used that to help his friends... He will never be forgotten“ ❤️❤️

It is the 3rd anniversary of Usko’s Nest this month, but it is the saddest time of our lives my dad was so proud of everything that we have achieved. Now, everything depends on our ability to reorganise Usko’s Nest and adjusting it to keep our animals safe.

The rescue center is on the site of an older property which has been rennovated for the dogs and it is still being improved. We have renovated the shelter building, expanded playing ground, improved conditions.The shelter includes a secure building for the dogs to sleep at night and stay safe during bad weather and a big yard for them to play in.

All our rescues have been saved from abuse, diseases, streets and other terrible ordeals and my responsibility and obligation is to provide care for them.Not many rescued dogs have such heaven in my country we provide them shelter in nature shelter in forest, with green playing ground and stream no concrete small kennels, no wires, no restrictions playing ground, fresh air and a lot of space.

Our shelter must live for our rescues. Thanks to your help we have achieved this, thanks to your help ONLY we can continue this project.

Animals suffer in silence and they cannot raise their voice against injustice and save themselves, only rescuers can do that for them and as a rescuer, a lawyer and an animal righths advocate with 15 years of experience, I know how important work of all of us is and how big our responsibility is.

We do our best to provide the best possible support for our animals, there are no many private shelters that have successfully gone through veterinary inspection supervision and my shelter regularly gets the best opinion from the vet inspection.

I have so many plans for improving conditions even more at the shelter but my biggest obligation and responsibility is to stabilise situation due to really stressful period.

I want you to know that all this is possible thanks to your amazing help and understanding and thank you for making this possible.


Dalida Kozlic