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  Dalida Kozlic is someone I admire very much. She has been fighting for animal rights in her country of Bosnia and Herzegovina for over more than 15 years. She worked her way up to be a lawyer and animal rights activist and eventually focused on the correct implementation of the Bosnian animal protection law. This law is a very good law, perhaps the best in Europe, but not much people there care about it over there. In her own words: "The Bosnian Animal Protection law is the best in all of Europe, but nobody cares."

But why bother about animal rights in Bosnia? You might wonder.... While animal and human rights are being violated all over the world and also in our cold little country?

Well, everyone has a passion, something he or she feels connected with. And for me personally that is this subject and that is why I see it a bit as a calling, but certainly as my passion to bring this subject to the attention of more people all around the world and to support it as well! 💚💙

  And there is more to this story than that. The Bosnian government is terribly corrupt. You really can't compare it to here! Everything is really different and more diffecult there and things as medical care for excample are less organized and not accessible for everyone. So could you say that there is a lot wrong in Bosnia? Perhaps and  probably, the people there have a collective trauma from the terrible war that raged in the former Yugoslavia. If you read background information about Dalida Kozlic's work and delve a little deeper, you can quickly conclude that the many stray dogs in Bosnia in particular are the people's fault for what is wrong in their country and in their lives. I find that intriguing. Especially because there are a small number of people (of whom Dalida Kozlic is the best known) who see it as their calling and mission to expose those abuses and take care of the most vulnerable there: the street dogs. Even when they are strongly opposed or even in danger, they are not prevented from pursuing the good. They will not be held back by fear and cling to their dream; the dream of a better world. 💙💚

Couldn't we all do this at better? offcourse this is just a question! 😉 In any case, I would like to support this project of her's. And if i will continue this and be persevere like Dalida always does, I might be able to achieve something for the street dogs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And maybe the whole country will eventually get a little better. Who would say.....

  Saving animals and standing up for their rights is something Dalida was poured in at an early age. She took over from her father Eldar Kozlic, who even put aside his own career to take care of Bosnian street dogs and cats. He was also opposed by the authorities, so much so that his physical health started to suffer. He was always assisted by his wife Meliha Kozlic, Dalida's mother, who now single-handedly runs Usko's Nest Dog Shelter, which consists of 130 rescued dogs and 10 rescued cats.🖤 Because  Eldar Kozlic, Dalida's father, passed away on February 2 from a heart attack. (This was not the first time he suffered from this, but this time it was fatal. ) 🖤 This happened when he was furious on the phone with the authorities because something had happened again and the animals were the victim as always. The agreements made by the authorities were not kept. 😢

You can imagine the grief of Dalida and her mother. Yet they keep going and never give up.

Read more about Dalida, her father and mother and the animals at Usko's Nest at www.dalidakozlic.com. Also available in English language! At www.dalidakozlic.nl.

Happy reading and don't forget Dalida and the animals. 

Love Tessa 😘


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